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S-Track Massage chairs

L-Track is an Extension of S-Track

If you’ve done any amount of massage chair shopping, you’re likely familiar with the words S-Track and L-Track. Sometimes, even if you’ve been researching chairs, telling the difference between them can be challenging. Here, we’ll talk about what sets each track apart and how they’re designed to work together to serve your massage needs.


What is a Roller Track?

A massage chair has a long roller track that extends from the head down to the lower back and, in some models, the glutes and hamstrings. The track is similar to a train track because it guides the rollers up and down the back like train wheels like over the ground. When you’re getting a massage from a chair, it is these rollers that do most of the work, particularly on your back. The rollers glide along the track and based on its shape they can work different areas. This is where the S vs. L-Track comes into play. Additionally, there are 2D, 3D, and 4D tracks.



The most common track is the S-Track. It’s named after the shape of the human spine, since when you look at it from the side it looks like the letter S. The S-Track rollers move up and down your back and won’t lose contact because they follow the natural curvature of your spine. It moves more forward at your neck and lower back and comes back a bit at the middle back and tailbone. This technology allows for the most comfortable, most effective massage.

Spines aren’t straight lines, so you don’t want the track to be a straight line. It would be extremely uncomfortable if the rollers just went up and down and didn’t take the human shape into account.

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